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So many legendary pornstars started as wicked girls that it’s almost a given fact that the brand is gonna keep its standard’s up and bring you only the most interesting and alluring action you can possibly imagine. With over 585 movies, 3000 picture galleries and over a 1000 performers, Wicked Pictures is very well stocked to keep you very entertained as you discover the almost infinite supply of perversion, sensuality and hardcore sex they offer. Most of their newest movies are available on HD but as you check the archive you’ll find the old ones aren’t. That’s not a particularly big issue in my opinion due to the fact the old videos still look awesome but you can’t expect to see HD everywhere. All of the pictures are downloadable as gallery bundles in zip files, but the biggest resolution in which they are currently available is 800x600, something that may trouble some of you. Nevertheless, you can’t really complain since you’ll find so much exclusive stuff concentrated on a single place that you won’t mind those details. Every video can be streamed and downloaded as many times as you want and through their handy search engine you’ll be able to find any movie, scene or model you wish with just a few clicks. Wicked Pictures Review